Corporate and Financial Communications

The media is an important third-party endorsement of each client’s corporate and investment story. How the media portrays a company is vital to its perception by all stakeholders—employees, customers, investors and analysts.

What distinguishes Shoreham in our approach to media relations is a deep understanding of each client’s business combined with strong relationships with the financial, trade and local media both across the US and internationally. We have developed relationships with influential journalists who know that we bring stories of value. We have extensive experience and have secured countless placements with the leading financial print, broadcast and online media, including The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, ThomsonReuters, FT and The New York Times. We have also secured placements in virtually every major trade publication.

We work with both public and private companies to ensure their business communications objectives are achieved by going beyond messaging to provide strategic counsel on timing to help each announcement achieve maximum effectiveness, while meeting all relevant regulatory requirements (e.g., FDA, SEC, etc.).

Every phase of public life requires different strategic media goals and Shoreham provides sound counsel at all stages. Our strategic counsel coupled with our media relationships provide clients with the desired media coverage to enhance their visibility and strengthen their investment proposition.



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